Who We Are

ABJD is an outstanding educational program that teaches non-Arabic speakers how to easily speak, read, write, and listen in Arabic.  

This one-of-a-kind multi-functional platform makes studying Arabic in any setting enjoyable. 

Through ABJD, you can learn and acquire language in your natural environment without going any place. ABJD platform has been designed and arranged to keep people‚Äôs attention, keep them involved, and make Arabic entertaining! Via a live and recorded session you can attend from anywhere anytime! 

How ABJD Works:

We understand your level and we give you a great value to acquire Arabic as you want.

One To One

We provide you with

one-to-one courses that are delivered by experts


We book the same exact credit you asked for the whole month


Empower everyone to express more! Help everyone to speak Arabic fluently


Help 1M students to speak better provide our customers with a great and effective methods to learn Arabic. enhance our clients skills in Arabic by delivering tailored techniques in acquiring Arabic